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It's all about the chickens. A mysterious evil is growing in Inverness woods, and it's up to you to protect yourself (and your chickens) from the creatures the forest has unleashed. Play all 20 levels of ever-increasing (and ultimately maddening) difficulty as you:

  • Chop trees down to collect logs.
  • Use the logs to make arrows.
  • Shoot the arrows at the evildoers who would like nothing more than to eat your chickens.
  • Leave some trees standing to attract more chickens to your land.
  • Protect the new chickens as they make their perilous way across the forest to your coop.
  • Barter with the merchant for better axes and bows.
  • Watch out for the evil pixie who steals logs from trees!
  • Beware the flaming scarecrow who will burn your trees to the ground!


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